2nd Annual 37 Year Bakersfield Improv Reunion and Car Wash*

*car wash not guaranteed.

October 18 and 19, 2019


Since 1989 there has been improv in Bakersfield California, only 8 years after iO Chicago, 13 years before UCB, 2 years after The Annoyance, 16 years before Magnet Theater, 5 years after ComedySportz--that is a long history of improvisation in a town few outside of the central valley know, beyond being the butt of jokes. So, Empire Improv produces the reunion to celebrate that long weird history. That long weird history includes ComedySportz generations 1, 2, and 3, The Hermit Colony, The Black List, Center for Improv Advancement, The 1st Annual 37 Year Bakersfield Improv Reunion and Bake Sale* (bake sale not guaranteed), and the currently active Empire Improv and Brian’s Beard.

Last year we had some truly wonderful moments. We got to watch three grown men turn into little kids as they got back on stage to improvise together for the first time in over 20 years. We got to watch parents, and spouses do their first ever improv scenes. We got watch two guys improvise their first scene together in 15 years about having kids which they never would have done before they actually had kids. Bakersfield improvisors from all over the US came back home to where they first improvised and it was magical. Join us this year for all new joyful moments.


  • All 3 shows on Friday and all 3 shows on Saturday for only $37

  • Available until September 30

  • Purchase here.