Electives will be opportunities to explore other improv forms which offer students the chance to expand their improv experience. 

The Slacker

The class teaches the long form, The Slacker, in which, all scenic transitions are made via tag out—no sweep edits or “cut to”. Every new scene will have at least one character from the previous scene. The Slacker is a unique form that allows for much of the freedom of the Harold along with the opportunity to explore a more linear story. Come to learn to explore characters more deeply, and discover new ways to make connections. 

  • To be scheduled

Improvising Shakespeare

Learn to improvise using the styles and themes of The Bard—from the eloquence of Shakespeare’s language, to keeping thee, thine and thou straight. Discover how much fun this underutilized but fabulously entertaining form can be. Improvising Shakespeare style works to get improvisers out of their heads by focusing on letting their emotions lead them. The class will focus on letting your emotions lead and this gives you a clear point of view to improvise from. The focus on flowery language helps to teach performers to let their words get ahead of their brains, and from there, performers will discover they are capable of things they had no idea they are capable of. We will start with language and emotion and expand those ideas into an improvised Shakespearean style play, with connected characters, themes, and story.

  • To be scheduled


  • 8 Weeks of Class

  • 16 Student Maximum

  • 12 student minimum

  • Must be 18 years old to enroll

  • To enroll in Foundations 3, students must have successfully completed Foundations 2 and have no more than 2 absences in class.

  • Classes are nonrefundable

No Elective classes scheduled at this time.