Improv Jam

Hosted by Michael, and Alex. This is your chance to get on stage and improvise with improvisers old and new. Never improvised before give it a try. Haven't improvised in years get back on stage. The hosts will pair performers up to improvise scenes, setting everyone up for success. If you would rather just watch you are welcome to remain in the audience. Recommended for those 17 and up. Performers: everyone brave enough to take the stage. 





Definitely NOT ComedySportz

Short form improv with two teams and a host that will be absolutely nothing like ComedySportz. Fun for the whole family. 

Friday August 17, 2018 at 8:00pm

Kern Flakes: JT Seaton, Johnny Mansbach, and Ken Burdick.

Bakersfield Dozen: Jason Monroe, Kim Canfield, and Jeff Perkins.

DJ: Ryan Miller. Ref: Michael Lewis.  Mr. Voice: Alex Marino

Saturday August 18, 2018 at 8:00pm

Kern Flakes: Matthew Borton, Tyler Pruett, Ellie Sivisend, and Kayleigh Peaker.

Bakersfield Dozen: 4 fantastic Bakersfield Improvisors.

Ref: Alex Marino.  Mr. Voice: Michael Lewis


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An Improvised History of Bakersfield Improv

A lecture on the wonderful history of improvisation in Bakersfield with actual footage of improv scenes through the rich history of improvisation in Bakersfield. Recommended for those 17 and up. Performers: Professor Michael Lewis, Professor Alex Marino, and special guests: Ryan Miller, Kim Canfield, Jason Monroe, Matthew Borton, Jamie Hemmingway, and many more.

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Alex and Michael Put on a Show

The reunion producers perform the Slacker a long form show where all scenic transitions are made via tag out. With the suggestion of a single location they will create an series interconnected characters and scenes. Recommended for those 17 and up. Performers Alex Marino, Michael Lewis, Kim Canfield, Sarah Walsh, and some special guests.