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Empire Corporate

Empire Corporate is our corporate training arm, for your business, company, or organization. More and more organizations are turning to improvisational training to teach people to work in collaboration more successfully, to listen more intently, be at ease speaking in public, and to “Yes and” their way to new possibilities. Empire Improv has been successfully teaching these skills to people of all ages through private classes, universities, and corporate workshops for more than ten years.

  • Collaboration: Empire Corporate’s training is based on the central improv philosophies of agreement and listening. These concepts are at the heart of all effective collaboration. Our workshops focus on teaching how agreement and listening work in an improv context which directly correlates to all interpersonal communication. A “no” keeps things the same, a “yes” opens the possibility for change. Creating through improvisation puts every member of your team on the same level with each responsible for doing a portion of the task, when one person quits the whole team fails and when everyone contributes even “failure” becomes success. 

  • Communication": Empire Corporate’s training gets to the heart of communication, effective listening. When you are truly listening you are absorbed by what is being said rather than how you will respond. Improv will help your team learn to better listen and respond to what is being said and communicated both verbally and nonverbally. Staying in the moment without be distracted by your own judgement or the fear of others’ judgement will allow to hear and be heard more effectively. 

  • Sales & Presentation Skills: What is the best way to become a better speaker, or presenter, and have more confidence even when you do not know what might happen next?…through training in improvisation. Improvisation is the process of learning live in the unknown, to celebrate surprises, and to listen to discover what should come next. No speech, or presentation ever goes 100% according to plan. By learning improvisation the surprises can become the best part of a presentation. When you are comfortable being in front of people with no idea what will happen next, then speaking on a topic you know well becomes so much easier. 

  • Team Building: Through improvisation your team can learn to take on challenges as a team. Improv levels the playing field for your team because improv requires everyone doing their part to succeed. Learning improv together makes everyone try something brand new together and it requires listening, collaboration, and focus from each person to succeed. Getting your team together to laugh and share learning something new together opens lines of communication that might not have been open without this shared experience. 

We have taught workshops for: the San Juan School District, University of Nevada Reno, Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada, and International Gaming Technology.

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