Improv for Teens

Improv for teens focuses on fundamental improv skills, that promote self confidence, public speaking, stage presence, explore creativity and acting skills. Empire strives to create a welcoming learning environment for everyone, where everyone is set up for success on their improv journey. This class will focus on improv core improv skills: agreement, listening, and being in the moment. Improv at its root is very simple: Listen and react. This class will get to the heart of that basic skill required for all improvisation. The Intro to Improv class will be great for those brand new to improv and will also work on skills useful to anyone with prior improv experience. This class is a great place to start for brand new improvisers and a great place for experienced improvisers to improve their scene work skills.

“As a teenager, improvisation was my first introduction to theater and arts in general. Improv gave me self confidence and skills I use as a teacher, at my job, and in daily life. There is nothing else I was introduced to in high school, that I use as often or appreciate as much.” Michael Lewis director Empire Improv.

Summer session 1

Summer session 2




  • Class Monday through Friday

  • 20 Student Maximum

  • 10 student minimum

  • age 14 to 18

  • Classes are nonrefundable

  • Taught by Michael Lewis