2nd Annual 37 Year Bakersfield Improv Reunion and Car Wash*

*car wash not guaranteed

October 18 & 19, 2019


Bakersfield Improv has a long weird history. The 2nd Annual 37 Year Bakersfield Improv Reunion and Car Wash* celebrates that history. We celebrate through getting back on stage and improvising in the town where we started improvising. 

Since 1989 there has been improv in Bakersfield California, only 8 years after iO Chicago, 13 years before UCB, two years after The Annoyance, 16 years before Magnet Theater, five years after ComedySportz--that is a long history of improvisation in a town few outside of the central valley know, beyond being the butt of jokes. So we, the improvisors from Bakersfield, are going to celebrate that. If you performed with or were a fan of CSz generation 1, 2, 3, or 4, The Hermit Colony, Retro Prairie Dog Amateurs, Major League Improv generation 1, 2 or 3, CSz high school league, The Revengers, The Black List, Center for Improv Advancement, or became an improviser after you left, you are invited. 

So it has actually has been 30 years this year since improv began here in Bakersfield. We are bad at math and and if we were doing things the “right” no one ever would have started improv here 30 years ago.

Last year we got to watch grown men turn into their much younger selves as the improvised for the first time together in more than 20 years. We got to watch two improvisors do a scene about fatherhood they could never have done 15 years ago, the last time they were on stage together. We got to watch wives and parents do their first improv scenes ever. We would really like for you to be there, create some new fun memories. We are going to do our best to invite everyone we can think of via Facebook, please reach out to anyone we missed, anyone not on Facebook, and anyone you personally would like to see there. 

Thank you and we got your back.